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Ukrainian armed forces enter Kherson

Source: Meduza

The Ukrainian army has entered Kherson. Hromadske, a Ukrainian news publication, reports this, citing local residents and journalists, as well as a source in the regional administration.

Earlier, the Ukrainian media began to publish photos and videos of Kherson residents greeting the Ukrainian army in the streets of the city. Another video shows the Ukrainian troops attaching the national flag to the Kherson police headquarters building.

A recently published photo shows people with Ukrainian flags in front of the Kherson regional government building.

Neither Kyiv officials nor the Ukrainian army have yet confirmed the AFU’s entry into Kherson. 

But some officials have suggested this is true, in a veiled form. President Zelensky’s Chief of Staff Andrii Yermak, for instance, has published a Telegram post with no other text but the date, “11.11.22,” followed by a blue-and-yellow Ukrainian flag emoji.

The Russian Defense Ministry has reported the Russian army’s retreat from Kherson in the morning on November 11.

The Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced the decision to surrender Kherson following the report of General Sergey Surovikin, the head of command of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine. Surovikin admitted that continuing to defend Kherson was logistically futile, and that retreating to the left bank of Dnipro River would save the lives of soldiers.

Kherson is the only Ukrainian regional center that has been captured by Russia since the start of the invasion. Since March, the city spent eight months under the Russian occupation.

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