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I’m not getting Meduza’s newsletter in my inbox. What’s wrong?

Sometimes readers suddenly and mysteriously stop receiving Meduza’s newsletter. Here are the most common reasons why this can happen.

1. Your inbox is full.

When your mailbox runs out of space, new emails stop arriving. Try deleting unnecessary emails, like spam and notifications from those pesky social networks.

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Mailing services sometimes mistake an autoresponder message for a mailbox’s refusal to accept an email. If possible, turn off that beloved responder. Or re-subscribe from your personal email. To do this, just email us at [email protected], and we'll get it done.

4. You accidentally unsubscribed. Oops!

If you’ve noticed that our emails aren’t coming through anymore, and none of the reasons above fit, just write to us! You probably unsubscribed by mistake. Briefly tell us in your email about the problem, and we will take care of it. Email [email protected] for problems with the daily newsletter and [email protected] for problems with The Beet.

This guide is based on recommendations from our colleagues at Kit. You can subscribe to their newsletter (in Russian) right here.

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