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Russia convicts pregnant woman of failing to show up for military service

Source: Meduza

A military court in Vladikavkaz has found Corporal Madina Kabaloyeva guilty of failing to report for military service during mobilization, making her the first woman to be convicted for this offense.

According to the newspaper Kommersant, Kabaloyeva received an official recommendation from her military unit’s medical company that she be temporarily exempted from military service due to the fact that she was pregnant and had a young child. However, this wasn’t sufficient to shield her from criminal charges when she failed to report to her unit’s leadership.

Kabaloyeva reportedly acknowledged that she failed to show up for service, but she said she was under the impression that the medical company would inform her unit’s command of the recommendation and her pregnancy. Military prosecutors pointed to the fact that Kabaloyeva continued to receive allowances and benefits, which meant she was required to report for service.

The court sentenced Kabaloyeva to six years in prison but deferred the sentence until 2032 due to her young child.

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