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Deputy chief of Russian military’s General Staff arrested on charges of embezzling 6.7 billion rubles

Source: Kommersant

Khalil Arslanov, the deputy head of the Russian military’s General Staff, has been arrested in Moscow, sources told Kommersant and Interfax.

Arslanov was indicted in late January on two counts of high felony embezzlement. A court will now determine under what conditions he will await trial.

Five other high-ranking military or military-adjacent officials have also been implicated in the embezzlement case, which was first opened in 2013. The other officials all pleaded guilty and testified against Arslanov when interrogated regarding the embezzlement of 6.7 billion rubles ($104.7 million) from military equipment repair projects. The money was allegedly skimmed at the contracting stage of the projects.

Kommersant had previously reported that one episode in Arslanov’s case involved importing sets of Chinese military equipment and passing them off as domestically manufactured products by swapping out the labels indicating where the equipment was constructed.

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