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A Vladimir family named their son Putin in 2016; now they want to rename him

Source: Meduza

In 2016, the Juraev family from the Vladimir region decided to give their son the first name Putin. Now, they’ve decided to rename him, says Yekaterina Belous, head of the regional registration office.

“The parents have asked us repeatedly. We’re consulting with them now. They’re remorseful, so to speak, about what they did. They want to give the child back the name he was given at birth,” said Belous.

The extended Juraev family named another son Shoigu. The head of the registration office said that Shoigu’s parents haven’t asked the authorities about changing the child’s name.

The Juraev family are migrants from Tajikistan who arrived in Russia during the Tajik civil war and received Russian citizenship. BBC News Russian reports that in 2016, the parents decided to give their one-and-a-half year old son, Rasul, the name Putin at the request of the baby’s grandfather, a Putin fan. In January 2017, Putin Juraev’s cousin was born, and the family named him Shoigu.

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