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Mother of Sergey Shoigu’s children reportedly suing Lithuanian authorities over residence permit revocation

Source: LRT

Yelena Kaminskas (née Shebunova), who, according to the investigate outlet The Insider, is the mother of two of Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu's children, is married to a Lithuanian citizen and is currently in a legal battle with the Lithuanian government after her residence permit was revoked, Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT) reported on Sunday. The Lithuanian State Security Department reportedly considers Kaminsaks’s residence in the country a threat to national security. The lawsuit has not been confirmed by officials.

According to The Insider, Yelena Kaminskas’s current husband, Adolfas Kaminskas, acquired multiple businesses in Lithuania worth almost 20 million euros ($19.5 million) around the time he married Kaminskas. Kaminskas, who has since become a Russian citizen, began selling his Lithuanian assets soon after Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine.  

Sergey Shoigu himself is subject to EU, U.S., and other sanctions.

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