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Moscow’s School of Higher Economics to give war participants full scholarships

Source: Meduza

Moscow’s prestigious School of Higher Economics will fully fund the education of students who have participated in the “special military operation” (“SVO”) and their family members, says a university press release.

“In accordance with the presidential decree, we have a special quota for the children of participants in the ‘special military operation’ — 10 percent of our admissions slots have been allocated. HSE intends to accept students in excess of this quota at our own expense,” the announcement says.

The announcement specifies that the decision applies to both Defense Ministry service members and “volunteers” who have taken part in the “SVO” as well as to their children, spouses, and siblings. 

Participants in Russia’s war in Ukraine who were paying admission to the HSE will now be able to transfer to a full university scholarship if they successfully complete their educational programs.

Since the start of Russia’s full-scale war on Ukraine, the Russian authorities have introduced various benefits for participants in the war and their families. In May 2023, the State Duma prepared a bill that would allow participants in the war to attend institutions of higher education without taking entrance exams.

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