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Police arrest 14 people outside St. Petersburg at an anti-war art exhibition

Source: Meduza

In Russia’s Leningrad region, police officers arrested 14 people at an anti-war art exhibition, reports the Telegram channel SOTAvision and the outlet RusNews. According to the Telegram channel, they were arrested for suspicion of theft. All those arrested were taken to the Gatchinsky District Internal Affairs Ministry.

RusNews said the exhibition took place at an apartment in the village of Taytsy. The event was planned for Victory Day on May 9 and featured works by artists from St. Petersburg who are against the war in Ukraine, writes SOTAvision.

After police knocked on the door, the participants fled the apartment through the window. They were arrested by law enforcement officers on the street outside. RusNews reports that among those arrested were SOTA correspondent Vlada Makeichik and RusNews journalist Elina Kozich.

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