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‘I haven’t seen it’: Kremlin spokesman Peskov comments on ‘Navalny’ and this year’s documentary Oscar

Source: Meduza

In his Monday press briefing, the Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov commented on Sunday’s Academy Awards and the Oscar awarded to Daniel Roher and the documentary team behind “Navalny.”

According to Peskov, the documentary feature about Navalny’s attempted assassination and his survival, followed by a return to Russia, “politicizes” the opposition leader’s story.

“I cannot judge the qualities of this documentary, since I haven’t seen it,” said Peskov, adding:

Although I haven’t seen it, I dare suppose that it contains a certain element of politicization. Hollywood isn’t averse to it, and this kind of thing happens. As for the cinematic qualities of this film, I cannot speak of them, for I haven’t seen it.

Sundance Film Festival, BAFTA, and Cinema Eye Honors have all given awards to “Navalny” since its premier in January 2022.

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