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New video shows one of the ‘violations’ for which jailed politician Alexey Navalny was sent to a ‘punishment cell’: rolled-up sleeves


The human rights group has published a video shot in August 2022 at the prison holding Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny that reportedly shows one of the “violations” for which the jailed politician was subsequently moved to a “punishment cell.”

The clip shows a prison employee rebuking Navalny for rolling up his sleeves. “Breaking rules again,” he says to Navalny. “You shouldn’t be doing that. I’m warning you that I’m required to write you up for a uniform violation.” In response, Navalny says that the uniform is simply too small for him, showing how the sleeves only extend to his forearm.

Since August 2022, Navalny has been sent to a “punishment cell” 11 different times, spending a total of more than 100 days there. In early February, prison administrators announced that Navalny was being sent to a “cell-type space,” where he will be deprived of “privileges” such as visits from relatives, for six months, the maximum amount of time allowed by prison regulations.

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