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State Duma adopts criminal law against ‘sabotage,’ now punishable by life in prison

Source: Meduza

State Duma deputies voted unanimously to pass, in third reading, a bill for amending the Russian Criminal Code and its article on disruptive activities classified as “Sabotage.”

The amended Article 281 will have three new paragraphs: 281.1 (“Aiding sabotage”), 281.2 (“Training for the purposes of sabotage”), and 281.3 (“Organizing or participating in a sabotage organization”).

Recruiting and persuading a person to take part in an act of sabotage will be punishable by 8–15 years in prison. When involving abuse of power, the same crime may lead to a 10–20-year sentence. In both kinds of cases, though, the sentence can be increased to life in prison.

Similarly, aiding and abetting sabotage will lead to a 10–20-year sentence if convicted. Organizing and sponsoring it will lead to 15–20 years, with a possibility of life in prison. Participating in a sabotage-related group is punishable by 5–10 years in prison, without the possibility of a life sentence.

A person who already committed a crime may avoid facing criminal charges by informing the authorities, or by aiding the prevention of further crimes of sabotage.

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