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CORRECTION: ‘Sberbank’ decides NOT to fire projects manager following sexual harassment allegations

Source: The Bell
Note to readers: This story originally stated that Minenko was fired from Sberbank. Meduza apologizes for the mistake.

Sberbank has opted not to fire its projects manager, Sergey Minenko, following an internal investigation into the sexual harassment allegations made against him last month, The Bell reports, citing the bank’s press service. 

Minenko was suspended from work for the duration of the internal review.

Sberbank social media manager and former Open Russia employee Ruslan Gafarov quit his job at the company in July, following multiple allegations of sexual harassment and rape. Gafarov later confessed “to everything” and apologized.

Last month, allegations of harassment, sexual abuse, and rape were made against several men who worked or are still working in Russia’s media sphere (including Gafarov and Minenko). Among those facing allegations are Dozhd journalist Pavel Lobkov (who offered his apologies), as well as MBK Media chief editor Sergey Prostakov and photographer Andrey Zolotov (both men announced their dismissal). 

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