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Journalists in cities across Russia protest Ivan Safronov’s arrest on treason charges

Source: Meduza

Journalists in cities across Russia have begun holding single-person demonstrations outside of regional Federal Security Service (FSB) offices, in support of Ivan Safronov — a former Kommersant and Vedomosti defense correspondent, and Roscosmos communications advisor, who was arrested on treason charges on July 7. The investigation accused Safronov of passing classified information to Czech intelligence about Russia’s military cooperation with Middle Eastern and African countries. According to his defense attorneys, however, the FSB hasn’t presented any evidence of his involvement in the crime. Safronov himself denies any guilt. Solo pickets in support of Safronov began in Moscow and St. Petersburg on the day of his arrest: Moscow police arrested at least 28 people for protesting, but in St. Petersburg no one was detained.


“” editor-in-chief Dmitry Kolezev, “RBK Yekaterinburg” chief editor Bogdan Kulchitsky, the director of the “Network of city outlets” Rinat Nizamov, and the chief editor of “” hold single-person demonstrations outside of the Sverdlovsk region’s FSB department
“” journalist Igor Pushkarev protesting in Yekaterinburg
“E1” chief editor Oksana Maklakova protesting in a “I am/We are Ivan Safronov” t-shirt, while holding a “Freedom for Safronov” sign


“Daily Storm” correspondent Alexey Polorotov protesting outside of the FSB headquarters in Moscow


Journalist Mikhail Danilovich protesting outside of the regional FSB building in Perm. He was arrested by police.


A single-person picket in support of Safronov in Novosibirsk

Ufa (Republic of Bashkortostan)

A journalist protesting in support of Ivan Safronov, as well as journalists Svetlana Prokopyeva and Pyotr Verzilov in Ufa, Bashkortostan
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