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Volgograd man arrested for burning Quran says Kadyrov’s son assaulted him in prison

Source: Meduza

Nikita Zhuravel, a Volgograd resident who was arrested for “offending the feelings of religious believers” in May after he burned a Quran, said he was assaulted by Adam Kadyrov, the son of Chechnya Governor Ramzan Kadyrov, in his pre-trial detention center. The allegation was reported by Russian Human Rights Commissioner Tatyana Moskalkova on Wednesday.

According to Moskalkova, after receiving Zhuravel’s complaint, she asked Chechnya’s human rights commissioner, Mansur Soltaev, to investigate.

Soltaev also told journalists about the alleged attack himself. “[Zhuravel] said that in a personal meeting with Ramzan Kadyrov, after he left, he was beaten by Adam Kadyrov. He purportedly hit him on the arms and the legs,” said the ombudsman, vowing to investigate the incident.

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