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FSB says it found traces of explosives on second ship traveling from Turkey to Kerch Strait

Source: Meduza

FSB officers have identified a second foreign vessel that could have been used to deliver explosives to Ukraine, the agency claims.

According to the FSB, on July 26, “in the course of work to prevent terrorist and sabotage actions, and to ensure the safety of navigation,” the Bmo River dry cargo ship, which was on its way to load grain from the Turkish city of Sinop through the Kerch Strait to Rostov-on-Don, was stopped for inspection. “Traces of the explosives dinitrotoluene and TNT,” were found in the hold and on the surface of the ship’s lifeboat, according to Interfax, quoting an FSB report.

“It has been established that in June and July this year the ship twice entered the Ukrainian sea port of Reni (Odesa region),” added the agency.

The crew of the ship was prohibited from passing through the Kerch Strait and ordered to leave what the FSB claims as the “territorial waters of the Russian Federation.”

Earlier, the FSB said that on July 22 it found traces of explosives in the hold of another foreign cargo ship, also traveling from Turkey to the port of Rostov-on-Don.

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