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Belgorod governor on attacks on the region: ‘I have more questions than you do’

Source: Meduza

Belgorod governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said during a livestream on Russian social media network VKontakte that he has many questions for Russia’s Defense Ministry regarding yesterday’s armed attack on the border region.

One viewer asked the governor why “the enemy can get practically to the regional center on tanks” despite the authorities’ reassurances that “everything is under control.” “Why is the border full of holes? Is it really impossible to ask the Defense Ministry to step up regional security if it’s so bad here?” the viewer asked.

Gladkov answered that he “agreed” with the person who asked the question, and that the authorities should ensure the safety of the region’s residents.

I agree with you, and I have more questions than you do for the Defense Ministry. For that reason I don’t want to comment, because I think it’s improper. We need to draw conclusions from the mistakes that were permitted. The security of Belgorod residents is the main task for all of law enforcement.

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