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Ukraine’s Security Service investigates 6 Kyiv residents who ran webcams showing air defense systems in action

Source: Meduza

Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) has blocked a number of webcams that recorded the work of air defense systems around Kyiv.

According to the agency, the cameras had been installed by several private companies. Sensitive photos and footage had been posted online as a result, possibly compromising the positions of Ukrainian air defense installations.

Early on May 16, published camera footage showed the interceptions of Russian cruise and ballistic missiles over Kyiv by ground-based missile systems. Shortly afterwards, a powerful blast could be seen at the base of the missile trajectory on the ground. Some details of the footage suggested that a Patriot missile system might have been deflecting the Russian strike in that location.

The state security agency has identified six city residents responsible for circulating sensitive footage online. Their homes have been raided by operatives who seized their computers and smartphones.

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