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Presidential spox: Putin is ‘as mega-active as ever’

Source: Meduza

Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for the Russian president, called rumors that Vladimir Putin has body doubles “a lie.” His remarks came during a speech at an educational marathon, where leaders in culture and business speak on topics like artificial intelligence and intercultural communication.

“You’ve likely heard that Putin has a large number of body doubles, who appear in his place while he sits in a bunker. Just another lie. You see what kind of president we have, but he is, in fact, as mega-active as ever, it’s hard for those of us who work with him to keep up,” Interfax quoted the Kremlin representative as saying.

Peskov also said that Putin has no health issues. “His health, god willing, you could only wish for yourself. Of course, he’s never sat in any bunker. It’s also a lie, and you can that see yourself, it’s all clear,” he added. 

Rumors and conspiracy theories have circulated about Putin’s alleged doubles for several years. On April 23, journalist Yulia Latynina published an article in Novaya Gazeta Europe on the topic (though the author herself expressed doubt that Putin uses doubles).

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