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Self-described ’non-existent’ anti-Putin partisan movement Black Bridge claims responsibility for fire that killed four at FSB Border Service building

Source: Black Bridge

The anti-Putin partisan movement Black Bridge has claimed responsibility for setting the fire at an FSB Border Service building in Rostov-on-Don that killed at least four people last week.

Writing on Telegram, the group called the FSB a “bastion of hypocrisy, violence, and injustice” and accused it of fabricating criminal cases, organizing false-flag attacks against innocent people, torturing opposition figures, and “physically eliminating its competitors,” among other things.

According to the post, the fire was the result of an improvised explosive device that was embedded in a fuel tank, though this has not been confirmed by other sources.

Black Bridge refers to itself as a partisan movement that opposes the Russian authorities and the war in Ukraine. It has described its goal as follows: “Black Bridge is a non-existent structure with no participants who don’t do anything to ensure a revolutionary partisant movement grows and develops in Russia, which, as everybody knows, is impossible.”

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