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Prosecution petitions Moscow court to arrest former Meduza publisher in absentia

Source: Meduza

The prosecution has petitioned a Moscow court to arrest the former Meduza publisher Ilya Krasilshchik in absentia. The media executive has been charged with “spreading fakes” about the Russian army under the new Russian law against military disinformation.

The formal motive for the charges was Krasilshchik’s Instagram post about the civilian killings in Bucha. After the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Krasilshchik launched a new media project, Helpdesk.Media, designed to help and support anyone who’s been affected by the war in Ukraine, regardless of nationality.

According to Krasilshchik’s attorney Sergey Badamshin, the motion will be considered on March 16, at the Moscow Basmanny District Court. “It appears to me that Ilya might miss this hearing,” his lawyer added.

Krasilshchik is currently abroad and doesn’t plan to go back to Russia.

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