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Lawmakers abolish direct mayoral elections in Novosibirsk

Source: Interfax

The legislative assembly of Russia’s Novosibirsk region has passed a law abolishing direct elections for the mayor of Novosibirsk, Russia’s third largest city, state media reported on Monday.

Under the new law, Novosibirsk’s mayor will be appointed by the city's legislative assembly. According to the local news outlet, the deputies will select from a pool of candidates chosen by a committee that will consist partially of people chosen by Novosibirsk’s governor.

The changes will presumably come into effect after the current Novosibirsk governor’s term ends in September 2024.

Until now, Novosibirsk was one of only three Russian cities with populations of more than one million people where residents could elect their mayor directly.

After the new law was passed, some residents protested outside the legislative assembly building with picket signs.

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