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Drone triggers Russian air-defense systems in Saratov region

Source: Meduza

Air-defense systems in the Engels district of Russia’s Saratov region have shot down a drone, reports Saratov Governor Roman Basurgin on Telegram. Basurgin writes that the crashing drone remnants struck the fence around a private home, a car, and a garage, also shattering windows nearby.

Earlier on December 29, Belgorod Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov also announced that air-defense systems had been triggered in and around Belgorod. According to Gladkov, no one had been injured.

A similar incident was also reported by the Bryansk Governor Alexander Bogomaz.

On December 29, Russia dealt another massive missile strike against Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian military, 54 out of the 69 missiles launched had been intercepted by Ukrainian air-defense systems. In Kherson and Odesa, missiles hit critical infrastructure objects. Three people were injured and two private homes damaged in Kyiv.

Ukrainian drones attacked the Engels military airbase twice this December. The Russian Defense Ministry claimed that, each time, air-defense systems shot down the drones. Six Russian military personnel had been killed as a result of the attacks.

The airbase in Engels houses the strategic aviation of the Russian Space Forces, which engages in air strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure.

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