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TV Rain CEO Natalia Sindeeva asks fired host Alexey Korostelev to re-join network

Source: Meduza

Natalia Sindeeva, the head executive of the exiled Russian TV Rain network, asked the recently fired host Alexey Korostelev to re-join the media company.

Korostelev had been fired on December 2, after his remark about helping the Russian soldiers at the front.

Sindeeva apologized to Korostelev and said that it was “disgraceful” to fire him for “a mistake.”

The executive also invited the hosts Margarita Lyutova and Vladimir Romensky, who both resigned in solidarity with Korostelev, to “come back to Rain”:

It was a mistake, not an evil ploy. A very bad mistake. The Ukrainians may never forgive us for it, but it was a mistake. People do make mistakes.

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