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1ADAT: Chechen blogger and Kadyrov critic Tumso Abdurakhmanov killed in Sweden

Source: 1ADAT

According to Telegram channel 1ADAT, Chechen blogger Tumso Abdurakhmanov was killed in Sweden. 1ADAT cited, “informants from Europe and Chechnya,” in their report.

“Tumso was shot at night by a group of people and the details of the murder are being clarified at the moment,” 1ADAT said. They did not give other details, but noted that the security services have hidden Tumso Abdurakhmanov’s brother.

Radio Liberty reports that, according to Abdurakhmanov’s supporters, he was killed on the night of December 2. They provide no further details. Swedish law-enforcement agencies have not yet commented.

Abdurakhmanov stopped contacting others in the beginning of December. Human rights activists said that he had disappeared. There were already reports at that time that the blogger could have been killed, but it had not yet been confirmed.

Tumso Abdurakhmanov is known for his criticism of the Chechen authorities. In 2015, he left Russia after he had a conflict with relatives of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov. He was granted political refugee status in Sweden. In Chechnya, Abdurakhmanov is accused of ties to the Islamic State. In 2020 and 2021, Abdurakhmanov and his brother Muhammad faced attempts on their lives. In December 2021, Tumso Abdurakhmanov reported that nine of his relatives had been kidnapped in Chechnya.

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