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Russian journalist fined for 'discrediting the army' by using the word 'front'

Source: 7x7

A Russian court has charged Timofey Yefremov, deputy editor-in-chief of the news site, with “discrediting the Russian army” for a comment he made in an interview with the television channel Dozhd about women in Yakutsk who protested against the war in Ukraine on September 25.

The court ruled that Yefremov “discredited” the army when he said the phrase “You won’t send a woman to the front.” According to the official ruling, a “front” can only exist in a war, and because Russia is conducting a “special military operation” rather than war, Yefremov should have used the term “line of contact.” The court fined Yefremov 30,000 rubles ($497).

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