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British Defense Ministry: Russia loses 40 armored assault vehicles a day in Ukraine

Source: Meduza

In mid-October, the Ukrainian counter-offensive brought Russia’s daily losses of armored infantry vehicles to 40 units per day — roughly equivalent to a battalion. This was reported in the British Defense Ministry’s daily intelligence update.

British Defense Intelligence thinks that Russia is replenishing its military equipment losses by acquiring tanks and BMPs — armored assault vehicles — from Belarus and its technical reserve. The Russian force is also struggling with sourcing ammunition.

Since the beginning of the invasion, Russia has not been disclosing its losses of military equipment. The Ukrainian General Staff reports that, by November 3, Russia had lost more than 8,000 units of armored military equipment. Oryx, an independent documentation project, claims that Russia lost a total of 7,583 vehicles, most of them destroyed, and the rest damaged, abandoned, or captured by the AFU.

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