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Novaya Gazeta: at least 101 conscripts killed since beginning of mobilization

Since September 21, when Russia announced its “partial mobilization,” at least 101 people who were called up as part of the campaign have been killed. The figure comes from Novaya Gazeta Europe, which cites Russian authorities as well as news reports and social media.

By the journalists’ count, 23 were killed not at the front but during military training. “The causes of death were fights, alcohol, drugs, suicide, and accidents,” the publication writes.

The largest numbers of deaths by region were: 22 from Sverdlovsk, 13 from Chelyabinsk, nine from Volgograd, eight from Krasnoyarsk, and seven from Rostov.

Novaya Gazeta Europe also notes that the number of dead is likely substantially higher than their estimates, since they have counted only deaths reported by families and those confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

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Journalists from Mediazona and BBC’s Russian service, working with a volunteer team to tally losses among Russian troops fighting in Ukraine, reported that in the month between September 21 and October 21, at least 41 conscripts were killed in the Russian army.

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