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Dagestan Supreme Court overturns arrest of Meduza journalist Vladimir Sevrinovsky

Source: Meduza

The Supreme Court of Dagestan has deemed unlawful the arrest of Vladimir Sevrinovsky, who was arrested in late September in the Dagestan capital Makhachkala, while covering an anti-mobilization rally for Meduza. Sevrinovsky reported this on his Facebook page.

The court sent the case for reconsideration, says the journalist. This can potentially result in another ten-day detention.

“The fight has just begun, but some are already fidgeting in fear, that they might have to answer for perjury,” said Sevrinovsky, adding:

Of course, my case is nothing compared to what they are trying to pin on Abdulmumin Gajiyev, Eduard Atayev and many others, but, in our time, even a small step in the right direction is a good thing.

Vladimir Sevrinovsky was arrested on administrative charges of disorderly conduct. He spent five days in a detention center.

A series of large protests took place in Makhachkala after mobilization was announced in Russia on September 21. Hundreds of people were arrested, including journalists. Authorities in Dagestan opened a number of criminal cases for attacks on police officers and calls to extremism.

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