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Military enlistment offices will tap data from Russian state registries, Pension Fund, Tax Service, and e-voting

Source: Meduza

The Russian government has approved a pilot project for connecting military enlistment offices to state-run databases. The RBC reported this, citing the Moscow region’s Military Commissar Alexey Astakhov.

Enlistment offices currently use a system called “Horizon-MR” (or “Gorizont-MR”). In the future, it’ll be integrated with databases maintained by Russia’s state registries (where births, marriages, divorces, and deaths — all the major stages in a Russian person’s life — are recorded). The draft offices will also be able to tap into Pension Fund, Tax Service, and electronic voting data.

The new data-integration project will be piloted in the Moscow region.

Since the start of mobilization September 21, hundreds of people eligible for exemption from the draft or deferral of military service were unlawfully drafted into the Russian army. Draft offices often explained this by their lack of access to accurate data.

In mid-October, President Vladimir Putin admitted that Russia’s mobilization was often “muddled.” He ordered the heads of Russian regions to modernize their work.

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