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Russia’s fall conscription drive begins

Vladimir Putin has signed a decree marking the start of Russia’s fall conscription drive.

The draft, which is usually held twice annually and is separate from this year’s mobilization campaign that began on September 21, will last until December 31. The military is slated to draft 120,000 people, which is 7,000 less than last fall.

As a result of the mobilization drive that began on September 21, this year’s fall draft is starting a month later than usual. On October 31, Vladimir Putin announced that mobilization for the war in Ukraine was officially over, though he has yet to sign a decree making its completion official.

The General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces has vowed that mandatory service conscripts will not be sent to the war in Ukraine. The Institute for the Study of War has alleged that the Russian Defense Ministry is in fact trying to deceive fall conscripts to prevent draft dodging.

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