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Russia begins blocking Alexey Navalny’s mobile app

Source: Meduza

Mobile operators and Internet providers in Russia have started blocking Alexey Navalny’s mobile app. According to the project GlobalCheck, which monitors Russia’s Internet blocking system, the app is currently unavailable in the country.

Meduza’s correspondent was also unable to access Navalny’s mobile app; apparently it has been blocked by the Internet provider Wifire and the mobile operator Beeline. 

“In Navalny’s app they began to block the page with [his] blog posts.”
Evgeny Feldman

Several other Twitter users have reported being unable to access the app. However, it appears to be available to some users who rely on other operators. For example, an MTS client in Moscow was able to open the app, but another MTS client from Tver was not.

Last week, Russia’s federal censorship agency, Roskomnadzor, sent letters to Apple and Google demanding that the tech giants remove Navalny’s mobile application from their app stores.

Roskomnadzor’s spokespeople said the requests were sent in accordance with the Russian Attorney General’s Office’s requirements “on the need to restrict access to information resources linked to the organization of the Anti-Corruption Foundation’s work.” According to the censorship agency, Navalny’s app is used “to promote and implement the activities of extremist organizations.”

In addition to containing the posts from Alexey Navalny’s blog, the opposition politician’s mobile app has a “Smart Vote” function.

In July, Roskomnadzor blocked Navalny’s website and more than 40 other sites linked to the Anti-Corruption Foundation.

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