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YouTube blocks Team Navalny investigation about Russian tourism agency head

Source: MBX Media

YouTube has blocked an investigation about the head of Russia’s tourism agency released by Alexey Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation (the FBK) earlier this month, MBX Media reported on July 21.

The FBK investigation looked into subsidized housing provided to Zarina Doguzova, the head of Russia’s Federal Agency for Tourism (Rostourism). According to MBX Media, the video was blocked following a copyright infringement complaint filed by YouTuber Nadezhda Strelets, who interviewed Doguzova on her channel a few months ago. Strelets declined to comment on this information to MBX Media.

FBK employee Ruslan Shaveddinov said that Navalny’s team is still trying to find out what footage provoked the copyright complaint. 

The FBK’s investigative report claimed that Rostourism head Zarina Doguzova was listed as in need of social housing and subsequently received a subsidized apartment in downtown Moscow. Navalny’s team estimates the value of the 105-square-meter (1,130-square-foot) apartment at 60 million rubles ($809,400). The FBK also found that information about Doguzova’s apartment was classified in the state real estate registry without a given reason. 

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