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Facebook facing four more fines for failing to remove content banned in Russia

Source: Interfax

Moscow’s Tagansky Court has registered four more proceedings against Facebook over alleged administrative offenses, reports Interfax. If found guilty, the social network will face an additional 16 million rubles (about $216,000) in fines. The magistrate’s court has yet to schedule a date for the consideration of these latest protocols.

As of May 17, Russia’s censorship agency, Roskomnadzor, has 12 pending court proceedings against Facebook over its alleged failure to remove content prohibited in Russia. The social network is facing a total of 56 million rubles (nearly $757,000) in fines.

In March, Roskomnadzor announced that it may begin to slow down traffic on major social networks if they do not comply with orders to remove content banned in Russia. The censorship agency has already moved to throttle Twitter.

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