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Lukashenko calls on Belarusian universities to expel student protesters

Source: Pul Pervogo

Alexander Lukashenko has stated that students who participate in opposition protests in Belarus should be expelled from universities. A video of Lukashenko making this statement first appeared on the pro-government Telegram channel “Pul Pervogo,” which is linked to his press service.

“Whoever went out to unauthorized protests in violation of the law loses the right to be a student. Please, send them, as I said, some to the army and some to the street. Let them walk along the street. But they should be expelled from university. Same goes for the teachers,” Lukashenko stated.

He also demanded that the parents of school children and university students “remove their children from the streets, so they don’t get hurt later.”

Earlier, Lukashenko threatened Belarusian university students with cancelling deferred army service over their participation in opposition protests.

Students in Belarus have been actively involved in demonstrations since the beginning of September. In particular, they came out in protest on October 26 — the first day of the nationwide strike, which opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya (Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya) called for after the authorities failed to fulfil the “People’s Ultimatum.”

Some teachers have also supported the student protests. In particular, a group of instructors from Minsk State Linguistic University notified the university administration about the strike.

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