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Leaked database with a million Moscow motorists’ personal information is now for sale online

Source: Meduza

Someone is auctioning off a database containing the leaked personal information of a million Moscow motorists, according to the newspaper Kommersant. The data, spread over several Excel files, were recorded sometime last year. The information includes vehicle registration dates, license plate numbers, makes and models, manufacture dates, registration regions, VIN codes, vehicle certificates of title, and individuals’ full names, telephone numbers, and birthdates.

The person selling these data has set a starting price of $1,500. 

According to “DeviceLock” founder Ashot Oganesyan, the vendor appears to be someone working at a major auto insurance company. “Judging by the combination of vehicle data, owner data, and owners’ contact information, the database was created to sell insurance policies,” Oganesyan told Kommersant.

In May 2020, the newspaper Vedomosti reported the sale of another motorist database on the Dark Web containing roughly 129 million traffic police records.

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