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Russia’s ‘Immortal Regiment’ postponed indefinitely due to coronavirus pandemic

Source: Interfax

The organizers of Russia’s “Immortal Regiment” parade, an annual march commemorating World War II veterans, have decided to cancel their event on July 26, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

According to a statement quoted by Interfax, the regional branch leaders of the “Immortal Regiment” movement felt it would be impossible to conduct the march in accordance with sanitary protections — such as having participants wear masks and gloves, and maintain social distancing.

“This is contrary to the spirit of the ‘Immortal Regiment,’ since this march is shoulder to shoulder, representing universal unity, entire generations of families take part in it,” said Elena Tsunayeva, the co-chair of the “Immortal Regiment of Russia” movement’s central headquarters.

A new date for the “Immortal Regiment” parade has yet to be announced. While the organizers stated that it only makes sense to reschedule “when the epidemiological situation allows it,” another co-chair of the movement’s central headquarters, Vasily Lanovoy, suggested holding off until next year. 

The COVID-19 pandemic forced Russia to rescheduled its 75th anniversary parade honoring the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany. The parade, typically held on Victory Day, May 9, took place on June 24. The “Immortal Regiment” march usually takes place on Victory Day, as well. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, the 2020 parade took place in the form of a “virtual march.” 

When announcing the rescheduled Victory Day parade on May 26, President Vladimir Putin stated that the “Immortal Regiment” parade and the naval parade would be held on July 26. However, he warned that the “Immortal Regiment” could be delayed by another month, if the risk of the spread of COVID-19 persisted. According to Vedomosti, the “Immortal Regiment” march could be moved to September. 

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