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'The traitors will disappear on their own' Dmitry Peskov on the coming 'purification of Russian society'

Source: Meduza
AP / Scanpix / LETA

Almost every weekday, Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov holds a briefing where he responds to questions from journalists, including those reporting from abroad like Meduza. Below is an excerpt from Peskov’s briefing on March 17.

Meduza: At a meeting about socioeconomic support for Russia’s regions yesterday, Vladimir Putin spoke about a “purification of society” that will strengthen the country. In the president’s understanding, how will this “purification” take place? And who exactly are the traitors who the president believes the Russian people will be able to distinguish from the true patriots?

Dmitry Peskov: Well, you know, it’s in difficult times like these, in crucial situations like this one, when emotions are running high, that many people show their true nature. And many people show themselves to be what we in Russia like to call traitors. They disappear from our lives on their own. Some resign from their jobs, some withdraw from their professional lives, and some leave the country and move to other places. That’s how the purification happens. Some people break the law and are punished for it in accordance with court decisions.

Meduza: And what about the letter Z, for example, which people have started putting on the doors of those who oppose the war — is that the first step to “purification?”

Dmitry Peskov: I don’t think that’s any kind of step towards purification. Right now, everyone is very emotional about what’s going on. And you know what? The overwhelming majority are those who support the president emotionally. There are so many people who want to support the president — not just emotionally, but also in their actions. They’re the overwhelming majority.”

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