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‘Of course I like Putin’ Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov’s ‘Solovyov Live’ interview, in brief

Source: Meduza

Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov gives press conferences almost daily, offering up the Kremlin’s stance on key issues facing Russia today. But what does he really think about Russia’s politics? And what’s it like working for Putin? In an exclusive interview with talk show host Vladimir Solovyov, Peskov looked back on his years of experience working in the Kremlin. Here’s what he said, in a nutshell.

Before the salaries for civil servants were small, they had to hustle. I brought in cars from Turkey. In the 1990s, the Russian Federation’s republics almost began a parade of sovereignties. If Putin hadn’t come along then, there would be no country. He made Russia come to its senses and buck up. The U.S. has broken all the rules of international politics. War is impossible so long as there is nuclear parity. Sanctions are a mark of quality. I watch television compulsively. But I don’t watch your programs: I don’t like the format. The Kremlin “tower wars” are an exaggeration. Telegram channels are cheap waste tanks. Belarus is a red line that we can’t afford to cross. Ukraine crossed the red line. I have a high salary. My wife isn’t poor, but she works hard. In terms of business, I get in her way. The pandemic has forced a sated world out of its comfort zone. I didn’t get sick while I was wearing the “virus blocker.” I have faced serious criticism from the president. Putin is merciless when it comes to betrayal and theft. Putin couldn’t have committed “all of those horrific crimes that are attributed to him.” Putin lives at work and has a tiny, five-minute window for a human life. Putin is a good man. Of course I like Putin.

You can watch Dmitry Peskov’s full interview on “Solovyov LIVE” in Russian here.

Summary by Olga Korelina

Translation by Eilish Hart

Cover photo: Valery Sharifulin / TASS

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