When far-right ‘activists’ from the SERB movement commit attacks in Russia, what's the police response? (Spoiler: there isn't really one)

12:05, 12 september 2017

On September 12, activists from the far-right SERB (South East Radical Block) movement tore down a memorial plaque dedicated to slain Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, installed just days earlier outside Nemtsov’s former home in Moscow. SERB activists say they removed the tablet because they believe it was installed illegally. The homeowners who put up the plaque say they plan to file a police report accusing the movement of theft and property damages. So far, Moscow police have not commented on the incident. In the past, law enforcement have rarely responded in any meaningful way to SERB activists’ “demonstrations,” which are often in fact violent attacks on peaceful and unsuspecting members of Russia’s political opposition.