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like it or not

Behold Russia's unofficial 201∞ presidential campaign logos

Source: Meduza

Like countless other Russians unimpressed by the Central Elections Commission’s official logo for the 2018 presidential election, designer Alexey Solovyov decided to have some fun with the artwork. In his versions of the election logo, Solovyov changed the number eight into different symbols to represent three of the race’s most prominent candidates: Vladimir Putin (who’s yet to declare his candidacy), Ksenia Sobchak, and Alexey Navalny (whom federal officials say will not be allowed on the ballot).

Solovyov used an infinity symbol to depict Putin’s logo, two bare breasts (or eyeglasses, depending on whom you ask) to represent Sobchak, and a pair of handcuffs for Navalny.

Alternative election logos for the 2018 election. :)

Navalny shared the images on his Twitter account, writing, “This is bad, but captures things perfectly.”

On her Instagram account, Sobchak called her a logo a “depravity test,” where readers either see breasts or eyeglasses.

I’m glad everyone on the Internet is now retweeting this picture. It’s a real depravity test! What do you see in the bottom pictures? Eyeglasses and handcuffs, or boobs and S&M? Either one, by the way, is better than the infinity symbol above! :) I’m confident that the people retweeting this image would never think of laughing at the fact that a candidate could have “booooobs”! And what they’re actually seeing is that I’m the Candidate With Glasses! Remember: like homophobia and anti-Semitism, sexism is an absolutely disgusting feature of our society! :(
Ksenia Sobchak / Instagram

It’s unknown if Vladimir Putin has seen Solovyov’s infinity logo.

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