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Brazzers’ Johnny Sins promises to play Russian judge in pornographic film

On February 7, Russia’s Internet watchdog Roskomnadzor blocked the website of Canadian pornographic film studio Brazzers, in light of an October 2016 ruling by the Bolsheglushitsky court in the Samara Region.

Pornstar Johnny Sins, whom some in Russian have nicknamed “the bald guy from Brazzers”, has spoken out against the watchdog’s actions. On his page on social networking site vkontakte, Sins asked his fans to sign a petition against “Bol-she-glu-shit-skiy” court and judge Nina Sashnina.

“Love videos encourage people to explore themselves, they do not break the law and should be available to every person in every country,” read the actor’s statement.

Sins promised to play a Russian judge in a future film if more than 100,000 people signed the petition he linked to.