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ISIS-affiliated media publish graphic body-cam footage from Moscow terrorist attack

Source: Meduza

Media affiliated with the Islamic State has published body-cam footage taken by the attackers during Friday’s terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall concert venue outside Moscow.

Caution: The following text contains descriptions of extreme violence.

The video shows a close-up view of the terrorists shooting at people. One of the attackers appears to fire at least 10 rounds, and at least five bodies are shown lying on the floor. After the initial gunshots, one of the terrorists is shown going up to a person lying on the floor and slitting their throat with a knife.

The footage was taken at the southeast entrance to the hall on the first floor. Smoke can be seen already filling the hall. The faces of the terrorists themselves are blurred in the video.

This photo contains graphic imagery

This photo contains graphic imagery

One of the terrorists can be heard shouting: “Come on,” “Kill them, show no mercy,” and “The infidels will be defeated,” as well as praising Allah. (The video has Arabic subtitles.)

From the video, it can be inferred that there were at least four terrorists. Their clothing resembles that of the men Russia’s Federal Security Service said it arrested the day after the attack, noted iStories. Additionally, a machine gun in the video has the same markings as one shown in a Russian Investigative Committee video from the scene.

For ethical reasons, Meduza is not publishing the video or providing a link to it. The footage is circulating on various Telegram channels.
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