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Video circulates showing Russian security agent cutting off the ear of an apprehended terrorist suspect and forcing him to eat it

Source: Meduza

A short video circulating on Russian Telegram channels shows the apparent arrest of one of the suspects in Friday’s terrorist attack outside Moscow. The suspect in the video is reportedly a 30-year-old man named Rajab Alizade.

Warning: The following text contains a graphic description of violence.

In the 24-second video, a person wearing camouflage pins Alizade to the ground, cuts off his right ear, and then shoves the severed flesh into Alizade’s mouth, before punching him in the face. In the footage, Alizade lies on his chest, and his hands are bound.

In another video, apparently recorded afterward, the right side of Alizade’s head is covered in blood, and part of his ear is missing. Other videos show his head bandaged and soaked in blood. In the recording, a voice off-camera says: “Answer as best you can! I'm right here! You have one ear left!”

Russia’s Federal Security Service says it’s apprehended all suspected terrorists involved in Friday’s attack at Crocus City Hall outside Moscow. According to the Internal Affairs Ministry, all men in custody are foreign nationals.

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