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Navalny’s press secretary says Russian authorities hiding politician’s body to cover up evidence: ‘There’s no doubt this murder was planned’

Source: TV Rain

Alexey Navalny’s press secretary Kira Yarmysh told the independent outlet TV Rain that the Russian authorities are “clearly trying to cover up the evidence” and “that’s why they’re hiding Navalny’s body.”

Yarmysh noted that the authorities have still not released an official cause of death for Navalny and that there’s no evidence for the claim by Russian state media that the politician died from a detached blood clot.

We clearly understand that the colony is lying — that much is obvious already. There’s no doubt that this murder was planned. We don’t currently have any information except for the colony’s official confirmation of his death. Right now, we demand that Navalny’s body be given to his family, and we call on everyone to demand it along with us. This is the most important thing that can be done.

We all saw the video of Alexey from court on Thursday. He was smiling and joking, and this is just one more indication that his death could not have been the result of natural causes.

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