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Russian lawmakers introduce bill enabling asset seizure for convictions related to ‘fake news’ about Russian army

Source: Meduza

Russian lawmakers have introduced a bill to the State Duma proposing amendments to Russia’s Criminal Code that would allow for the confiscation of personal property from those convicted of spreading “fake news” about the Russian army.

According to Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, property could be confiscated from individuals convicted under eight articles of Russia’s Criminal Code:

  • Dissemination of “fake news” about the Russian army (Article 207.3 of the Criminal Code).
  • Public calls for extremist activity (Article 280 of the Criminal Code).
  • Public calls for actions aimed at violating the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation (Article 280.1 of the Criminal Code).
  • “Discrediting” the Russian army (Article 280.3 of the Criminal Code).
  • Public calls for actions against the security of the state (Article 280.4 of the Criminal Code).
  • Calls for sanctions against Russia and its citizens (Article 284.2 of the Criminal Code).
  • Providing assistance in the execution of decisions of international organizations in which the Russian Federation does not participate, or foreign state bodies. (Article 284.3 of the Criminal Code).
  • Rehabilitation of Nazism (Article 354.1 of the Criminal Code).

Prior to the bill’s introduction to the State Duma, Russian media reported that the government had “unconditionally” supported the document. The Russian Criminal Code currently only allows for the confiscation of property that was used in or acquired during a crime.

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