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More than 20 Finnish companies reportedly exporting military goods to Russia

Source: Meduza

More than 20 Finnish companies are supplying Russia with military goods, reports Finnish news agency Yle, after studying customs documents. The companies reportedly supply Russia with goods needed for its war in Ukraine.

According to Yle journalists, the companies are small-scale logistics and freight forwarding firms owned by “individuals with Russian backgrounds.” The companies’ names have not been released “since they don’t hold significant economic power and their owners haven’t been convicted of crimes,” writes Yle.

One company shipped sensors, diesel engines, fuel pumps, and transmission equipment to Russia. According to Yle journalists, similar goods were found in destroyed Russian weapons and vehicles in Ukraine. The investigation’s authors say that at least two of the company’s Russian clients are linked to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB).

The companies in question either exported goods directly to Russia or acted as intermediaries. Goods from Finland were also sent through other countries, such as Uzbekistan, allowing Russia to circumvent sanctions, according to Yle.

Representatives from a few of the companies denied violating sanctions or supporting the Russian military. The companies said they weren’t aware of their clients’ contacts with the Russian military industry or intelligence services.

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