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Bust of Stalin installed at Tver memorial for victims of wars and repressions

Source: Meduza

A bust of Joseph Stalin was installed at the Mednoye memorial complex for victims of wars and repressions in Russia’s Tver region, reports online outlet 7×7, referencing Tver activist Daniil Korpusov. The memorial is at a site where both victims of Soviet repression and executed Polish prisoners of war are buried.

Monuments to Vladimir Lenin, Felix Dzerzhinsky, and Mikhail Kalinin are also being mounted in the complex. Korpusov’s photos show that the opening of the exhibition is scheduled for October 19. The Mednoye website has no information about the exhibition.

“Now the liars have become more skillful — they don't tear down monuments and force you to forget. They chatter on and on about it. And then, when ‘everything isn’t so black and white’ is at its climax, you can throw in the mustached ghoul. So that anyone who, by fate, ends up at a memorial site, won’t see the tragedy of thousands of ruined lives, but a multicolored hodgepodge," Korpusov wrote.

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