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Chechen state TV poll shows growing support for Adam Kadyrov’s attack on defenseless prisoner

Source: Meduza

After the Chechen Governor Ramzan Kadyrov posted a video of his 15-year-old son Adam beating a defenseless prisoner and stated that he was proud of his son’s behavior, the Chechen state television’s Telegram channel published a poll asking viewers if they supported Adam Kadyrov’s actions.

Over 300,000 people have taken part in the poll so far. Initially, a clear majority of voters did not endorse Adam Kadyrov’s brutal assault on the detainee; however, support has been growing. As of Tuesday morning, the vote stood at 46% in support, 54% against.  

The prisoner in question, Nikita Zhuravel, was arrested in May 2023. He was accused of burning a Quran in return for payment from Ukraine’s Security Service. Zhuravel was sent to a Chechen jail after numerous Chechen Muslims had asked to be considered the victims of Zhuravel’s alleged crime.

Eva Merkacheva, a member of Russia’s Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights, said she would demand that Russian law enforcement open a case over the beating.

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