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Top U.N. court considers Ukraine’s genocide case against Russia

Source: Meduza

The U.N. International Court of Justice (ICJ) has resumed hearings on Ukraine’s genocide case against Russia, filed shortly after Russia’s full-scale invasion. Ukraine alleged that Russia abused the concept of genocide in justifying its attack and asked the court to hold Russia accountable.

Ukraine pointed out that the 1948 U.N. Genocide Convention doesn’t allow for an invasion to prevent genocide; Russia, however, argues that the case doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of the ICJ since the Genocide Convention doesn’t regulate the use of force between states.

The ICJ will hear Russia’s objections, as well as statements from representatives of Ukraine and 32 other U.N. member states, from September 18–25. After that, if the court rules that the case falls under its jurisdiction, it will consider the lawsuit on its merits.

Commenting on the lawsuit, Russian Federation Council Vice-Speaker Konstantin Kosachev said that the decision would be politicized and that Russia may consider withdrawing from the jurisdiction of the ICJ if the court “continues to go along with Kyiv and the collective West” and “publishes blatant filth instead of a legal decision.”

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