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Ukrainian media posts image which appears to show Russian missile carrier being towed in Black Sea following naval drone attack

Source: Meduza

Ukrainian Telegram channels published a photograph which allegedly shows ships towing the Russian Samum missile carrier, which Ukraine reported hitting in an attack. The photo’s authenticity has not been confirmed.

Three open-source intelligence analysts (one, two, three) noticed that the ship’s stern was low, which they believe may indicate that the vessel was damaged, writes the independent news outlet iStories.

On September 14, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported that they had repelled an attack by the Ukrainian Air Force on the Samum missile carrier. Russia said that the naval drone which attempted to attack the ship was destroyed. It is not yet clear whether the ship was damaged.

Media sources in Ukraine’s Security Service also reported that the Ukrainian “Sea Baby” naval drone hit the Samum missile carrier. The naval drone reportedly did “significant damage” to the ship, causing it to lose power. The ship was towed away for repairs “with a significant tilt at the stern and listing to starboard,” Ukrainska Pravda reported.

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